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Sea Refrect – 2018

Sea Watch - 2018 The reflective swim wear interacts with the refraction quality of the sea water and lets it become invisible or extra visible.

Sea Refrect – 20182018-11-22T15:51:00+01:00

Pinned Spotting – 2017

Pinned Spotting - 2017 Three pinnspots are layered on a special reflactive surface - depending on your position you will see one color dominate the other - on the opposite site there are soft bubbelish reflections to interact with  

Pinned Spotting – 20172018-04-10T12:56:49+02:00

Area Play – 2017

Area Play - 2017 A reflected light installation at the Millerntor Gallery exhibition #7 from 29th to the 2nd of July in Hamburg. Field size 120m x 85m, with 350m reflective material and 3 light sources to make it visible, depending on

Area Play – 20172017-07-03T23:22:00+02:00

A Red Line – 2017

A Red Line - 2017 A laser installation of two laser diodes which project a static single red line into the space. Both lines blend into a red continous loop, a new room is created or part of a room gets lost. Material laser diode, tripod  

A Red Line – 20172017-07-03T22:59:45+02:00

Refraction – 2017

Refraction - 2017 Water is spread on reflective material with continous changing light from the left and right. Depending on the point of view and time, there will be a different perception of the liquid.

Refraction – 20172017-05-08T21:11:23+02:00

Shadow Maker – 2017

Shadow Maker - 2017 A micro controller selects randomly positioned and colored LED to create an unique combination of colored light and its shadow. Material LED light installation made of 3D print, LEDs, cupper tube, micro controller.  

Shadow Maker – 20172017-05-08T21:11:43+02:00

Vivid – 2017

Vivid - 2017 Three differently positioned surfaces reflect a solid reproduction of a simple glowing LED-ring depending on the viewers position. Material LED, wood, cardboard, micro controller, reflective material  

Vivid – 20172017-05-08T21:12:07+02:00

Self Surveillance – 2017

Self Surveillance - 2017 An interactive video installation by Alexander Trattler and Maximilian Mittermeier. Material VVVV, PC, projector, Kinect  

Self Surveillance – 20172017-05-07T20:52:02+02:00

Mirror Disc – 2017

Mirror Disc - 2017 Like a pinhole camera but from the other side, when you look throu the little hole you will see the reflected outdoor area. Material Reflective material, mirror, wood  

Mirror Disc – 20172017-05-07T13:00:33+02:00

Pin Mirror – 2015

Pin Mirror - 2015 A little mirror is reflecting the surrounding area through the window onto the canvas which saturates the image like a pin hole camera.

Pin Mirror – 20152017-12-19T18:30:54+01:00
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